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PVC Drip edge profile with mesh

Manufacturer: Riplast Ltd.
Date: Februar 2013
Type: Computer graphic 3D Max Studio
Product Information:

Plastic window profile with an exposed (visible) drip ledge for finishing plaster and water drain-off at the top jambs of building openings in the contact insulation system. The profile is also designated as a balcony profile. It can be used also for the protection of corners and for water drain-off from balconies or terraces. At the same time it can replace the drip ledge of the LO base profile on the bottom edge of the system if the base profile is not used for setting up insulating material in the system (for low-energy or passive buildings).

Material: UV-stable and alkali-proof PVC, fibre glass reinforcement mesh

Application – advantages:
• reinforcement of window or door jamb corners at the top edge of the building opening
• the distinct shape of the drip ledge provides water drain-off from the system, eliminates capillary rise along the top jamb, and thus fl aking off the plaster in winter
• reinforcement of corners and water drain-off from balconies or terraces
• protection of corners against mechanical damage
• prevents hairline cracking
• creates an ideally straight edge

Product Code: 10120, 10121
Packaging: Box
Quantity: 20 pieces /50 m and 30 pieces / 75 m
Length: 2,5m
Mesh Width: 10 x 15 cm
Pallet: 24 Boxes

Production of profiles with mesh in various colours and with customized prints.

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CE mark - procedure for assessing harmonization
In May 2012. Riplast d.o.o. completed the procedure for assessing harmonization (CE mark) - PVC profiles (additional component) for ETICS, which allowed us successful international cooperation.
Redesign the logo and visual identity of the company
Our firm Riplast d.o.o. has changed its visual identity.The company will in the future communicate with the market under new redesigned logo and sign. Redesign of the identity and visual...
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