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PVC Sewage Pipes

Manufacturer: Riplast Ltd.
Date: Februar 2013
Type: Computer graphic 3D Max Studio
Product Information:

These sewer pipes with the corresponding volumes are used both for the installation in the house and for the derivation of the effluent to the public sewer system. They will be installed very easily, and connect each other with the connecting parts, which is with the rubber rings full gasket assured. They are resistant to temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, and is resistant to acids, alkalis, salt water, corrosive gases, and all types of washing powders.
Color: Gray
Standards: the table for the corresponding product of external
Diameter: from 50 up to 110 mm
Dimensions: 0,25m , 0,5m , 1m , 2 m , 3 m , 4 m

New in Our Company
CE mark - procedure for assessing harmonization
In May 2012. Riplast d.o.o. completed the procedure for assessing harmonization (CE mark) - PVC profiles (additional component) for ETICS, which allowed us successful international cooperation.
Redesign the logo and visual identity of the company
Our firm Riplast d.o.o. has changed its visual identity.The company will in the future communicate with the market under new redesigned logo and sign. Redesign of the identity and visual...
About us
Riplast d.o.o. was founded in 1987. as family business. Over the years the company has became successfully and regarded. Riplast d.o.o. is today reputable company with a long tradition. Most of our products , because of geographical position of the company and the quality of the product, we sell out of the market of Bosnia and Herzgovina.
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